Healing Better Box

Healing Better is a pilot program that's all about recovery care. The Agency was asked to create care boxes all about recovering from knee or hip replacements and sent them to members’ homes. With helpful tips about sleep, pain management, and lifestyle changes, these boxes give members a better idea of what they will experience, and how they can get back on their feet faster — and feeling better than ever. This project won a Bronze Award in the Design Category during the 60th Hatch awards.

My role
I was the visual designer from beginning to end. From pencil sketches, to paper modals, to digital 3D mock-ups and to visiting and approving prints in an out-sourcing printing press. It was definitely an intense project, not only because of amount of deliverables (with their corespondent rounds of approvals) but also because it was officially the very first "product" coming from the Aetna and CVS partnership. 
The first step of the process was — of course — sketching. But this time I decided to go a little different. Instead of having digital sketches, I presented the team some pencil sketches and doodles, random drawing of possible boxes and inside assets that might come within the box. They loved the idea and we presented this sketches as the first round of review to the client. The type of the box from the Educate, empower and entertain concept was the winner but not necessarily the message.
02_The look
When the box type was chosen, the design exploration began. I created multiple choices; vertical, horizontal, white, colored, gradient. And after rounds of review and elimination, a final look was chosen. The Healing Better box look is bold but friendly and approachable. The red represents CVS and the purple Aetna and the bridge between both are the teals, dark purple and white. See the visual treatments below.
A name — Healing better — and a final look was chosen.
03_What's inside?
There are multiple pieces inside. A foldable recovery tracker with some cool stickers to track recovery progress. A plan recovery brochure with a perforated check list checklists to help members prepare for their upcoming surgery. A pain trifold with with information about managing pain and medication and 5 nested mindfulness cards. A double sided care brochure with infographics detailing wounds care. And a sleep bi-fold pamphlet addressing sleep concerns post surgery. 
Then, we visited a print press and approved the test sheets. All the prints were sent to a different facility where the boxes were built nicely. This is how the real piece looks like.
The box was sent to more than 900 members to help them and support them during their recovery.
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