Aetna had a spot in the SHRM Annual Conference (The Society for Human Resource Management) in 2018. The main goal was to give Human resources managers a glimpse into what Aetna can do for the well-being of their employees — physical, emotional, social and financial — as a vehicle to strengthen their workforce and business performance. Aetna wanted to educate HR managers with a simple digital experience to start the conversation. Lavender was the booth's theme.

My role
I worked as the visual and UX lead designer. It was a fast paced project with a low budget. There was not an oppotunity/time to push it to the development, so the solution was to use Invision as the main tool making the prototype as clean and accessible as possible. 
Before I started working fully on the design, I took some time to work on the userflow to have a clear understanding of what pages are connected between one another, how deep the levels of information are and how many screens needed to be designed.
Since this was an Aetna based project, the look and feel followed Aetna visual standards, using the specific color palette — Purple, dark gray, white — iconography and photography style, but there was room for innovation and fun. I decided to create a tab type of experience, where the two main roads where always visible and accessible. A menu and question overlays where added to every single page, and a back button was always present for a more complete experience. There are also clear call to action buttons and text links all around the demo and visual cues to understand what has the user selected or which screen he/she is at.
If you want to be part of the experience, grab your iPad/tablet and click on the button below.
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